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900 Years of recorded knowledge...and counting.

The Rare Book Collection covers over 900 years of human interaction with the book, and aptly illustrates that the book has meant many different things to people across time and place.

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Our Rare Book Collection includes a variety of topics, including Science and Technology, Medieval and Renaissance Books, Ephemera, Anglo-American Literature and more!

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Science and Technology

The Scientific holdings of the Rare Book Collection cover the advancement of learning from ancient Greece to the atomic age.

a rotating dial, called a volvelle, displaying the signs of the zodiac


The Natural World

From the classification of species to the place of humanity in it, our collections contain attempts to describe the world from around the world.

A Hawk from Kono Bairei, Book of 100 Birds


Medieval and Renaissance Books

Holdings from the earliest printers in Europe and the manuscripts that circulated alongside them.

The beginning of the nativity of Mary, from a spanish antiphonary manuscript, circa 1500


Anglo-American Literature

Holdings from across the Anglophone world from the Middle Ages to the present, with particular strength in the writers of New England.

Frontispiece Portrait of Phillis Wheatley



Ballads, broadsides, and political print culture from Europe and the Americas.

A book printed in raised type for the blind


The Early Modern Atlantic

The history, politics, and commerce of the colonial Caribbean.

We still venerate idols here.


Book Arts

Collections of fine and small presses and modern artist books, including those produced by artists in residence at the UF School of Art and Art History.

Marbled Paper