Audio Tour: Learning and Labor of the Blind

The exhibition poster for "The Learning and Labor of the Blind" shows a blind woman working at a loom.

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This audio guide is narrated by the curators to provide assistance to anyone who might need it in navigating the exhibit, as well as to provide additional commentary on the contents of the exhibition beyond what is printed on the exhibit labels. We hope that you will join us on our walk through more than a century of discussion, debate and development of programs for the education and advancements of blind people.

The full tour proceeds around the perimeter of the gallery. It then returns to the center of the gallery to discuss the main divisions of tactile books in the nineteenth century and the ways their readers might have used them. A chime will signal when to move to the next case.

Scanning the QR code for any case will launch the its corresponding narration in a separate page. A navigation menu for each case can also be found below.

Out of consideration for other guests, we ask that you use headphones when listening to the audio tour.

Audio Tour scripted by Laken Brooks, recorded by Laken Brooks and Neil Weijer

Music Credit: “Threshold” by Podington Bea, licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.

Audio Tour Chapters

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Introduction by the Curators

Concluding Remarks by the Curators